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Industrial Content Marketing for Manufacturer of Leak Testers and Engineered Systems

Blog for a manufacturer of leak detection systems

Uson L.P. is part of Roper Industries and manufactures a full line of leak testers and engineered leak detection systems. It sells to the Automotive, Medical Device, General Industrial and Packaging industries around the world. Uson is headquartered in Houston, TX with offices in Detroit, UK and China.

Problem: The client had not actively marketed itself for a few years prior to engaging with us. Even though the company enjoyed a very good reputation within the industry, name recognition and sales were lagging due to the lack of presence in the marketplace and its difficulty in reaching younger engineers and building new relationships.

Solution: We worked closely with the President and in-house Subject Matter Experts to get a deep understanding of customer issues, marketing challenges, and the product line. After that, a strategic content marketing plan was formulated, and an editorial calendar was developed.

Drafted new blog posts for review by Uson’s SMEs, optimized these with researched keywords before publishing and promoted them using various social media channels. Repurposed several Application Notes into blog posts and the full App Notes were used as content giveaways for lead generation.

We were tasked with evaluating different Marketing Automation (MA) packages and recommending the best fit. Pardot by SalesForce was selected because it offered a more seamless integration with the back-end CRM which was SalesForce. It was our job to integrate the front-end WordPress site with Pardot and move the blog over to WordPress CMS.

We built lead gen forms and set up lead scoring rules using the new MA platform. Working closely with the Director of Sales, we created filters for passing the appropriate data to the backend CRM system without overwhelming the dashboard with unnecessary marketing information. This was important because all sales activities were based on the CRM data.

We built an online library of Application Notes for educating younger engineers who were not as well-versed in leak detection technology. This content was gated and became a very good source of new leads.

Integrated industrial marketing

Our role was not limited to digital marketing with content. We were also responsible for evaluating trade publications, industry portals, and directories. The deliverable was an annual media plan that provided the best coverage for the dollars spent. We built media and editorial contacts to negotiate additional opportunities and discounted media buys.

We developed the concepts, did the copywriting, and created some of the ads that were placed in publications read widely by the target audience and strategically timed their placement to match the publication’s editorial focus.

Adopting both traditional and digital media raised visibility and created thought leadership using published technical articles that were edited by us, resulting in additional traffic to the website. Some of these visitors converted into qualified leads. Gene Grilli, Director of Sales, commented, “The quality of the leads we’re getting from the website has improved a lot.”

Results achieved after one year of content marketing:

  • 24% increase in the number of new contacts generated from the website
  • 79% increase in number of sales qualified leads (SQLs)
  • 9% increase in number of deals won
  • A low seven figure additional revenue generated that was attributed directly to marketing
  • 22% increase in site traffic after the first full year of content marketing
  • 18 page 1 and 34 page 2 rankings in Google for keyword phrases
  • 64% decrease in bounce rates

“Very nice updates! I love working with you. You are very proactive and organized. You make my job much easier. In terms of SEO…we are taking no prisoners! Achinta Mitra, Industrial Marketer extraordinaire, Marketing Automation manager and advisor, content creator, writer, and content manager, marketing consultant to be used across all projects as needed and directed, online technical guru/resource…html, web design/support, SEO, keyword strategies, etc…a can-do capable resource willing and able to help as needed.”

Charles D. Foran, Jr.,President

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