Manufacturer Uses Online Sales to Add a New Source of Revenue and Grow Sales

The Challenge: Spanwell Service, Inc. is a manufacturer of extra-large S Hooks used for compliance with OSHA Housekeeping requirements and eliminating trip hazards during turnaround service (TAR) in refineries and power plants. They also manufacture a full line of pneumatic tools and accessories used in various industries. Spanwell relied mainly on word-of-mouth marketing, direct mail,…

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Industrial Content Marketing for Manufacturer of Leak Testers and Engineered Systems

Working closely with SMEs and the President, we developed a strategic industrial content marketing plan and an editorial calendar. We created content and executed the plan throughout the year. Results were tracked and ROI measured.


Industrial Website Redesign for an International Manufacturer

The CEO/CMO of Adimec contacted us to redesign and redevelop their corporate website. He first downloaded one of our white papers and after a few months, emailed us for a proposal. This is proof of our ability to put us in front of the right audience and generate a fully qualified inbound lead.


Industrial Marketing Consulting for Manufacturer to Grow Sales in New Markets

The President of Monroe Environmental Corp. (MEC) contacted us initially because he wanted to increase the company’s sales to the chemical, oil & gas and petrochemical plants along the Texas Gulf Coast region and Louisiana. This was a 2-phase engagement.


Redesigned Website Generates More Traffic and Qualified Leads for Distributor of Dehydration Equipment

Air & Vacuum Process (AVP) is a distributor of natural gas and compressed air dehydrators and accessories. They retained us to redesign their website, optimize it and provide ongoing marketing support.


Manufacturer of Metal Buildings Implements Integrated Industrial Marketing Strategy to Grow Sales

Schulte Building Systems, Inc. (SBS) retained us in 2005 when the company was founded, to handle their marketing. Our solution—an integrated industrial marketing strategy that included both print media and digital strategies. The entire strategy was based on the client’s three key principles.