Instant Industrial Marketing Help

As the Owner/President/CEO of a small to mid-sized manufacturer, distributor or engineering services company, you already have a lot on your plate. Marketing isn’t a top priority for you.

Instant Industrial Marketing Help is tailor-made for you. You get direct access to our Founder and President Achinta Mitra for an hour of one-on-one industrial marketing consulting. Using his 30 years of hands-on experience, he provides practical and actionable advice to help you solve a specific industrial marketing problem.

What will instant industrial marketing consulting do for you?

Achinta, thanks again for your phone call on Friday. A marketing brain tune-up is exactly what I needed!
(C. S. Rohrich, President – Spanwell Service Inc.)

For a small investment of $220 for an hour of consulting, you will receive value that is worth several times more by:

  • Saving you hours of trial and error
  • Suggesting proven industrial marketing tactics that you can implement right away
  • Helping you gain confidence in your industrial marketing strategy

Remember that you are paying for not just what we do but also for what we know. In short, our experience and expertise allow us to accomplish a lot more in one hour than most others.

Get instant industrial marketing help

1 hour one-on-one phone consultation. Price = $220

Buy instant industrial marketing help for only $220

What’s next?

After we receive confirmation of payment, you’ll receive an email from us within 24 hours (allow more time on weekends and holidays) confirming your appointment or in case of a scheduling conflict, alternate dates and times. Please read our Consulting FAQs.

What instant industrial marketing consulting is NOT

Let’s both be realistic about what we can accomplish with this service. We cannot give you a complete industrial marketing strategy for solving your lead generation or SEO problems in one hour of phone consulting. Our conversation will be most productive if we discuss a specific industrial marketing issue that you have. Depending on your problem, you may need to buy our marketing consulting and coaching service. We’ll advise you early in our consulting engagement about your best option.