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Industrial Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Follow the best practices in industrial content marketing for generating high quality inbound leads, accelerating pipelines and increasing sales

Reach decisionmakers, build trust and differentiate from the competition

Industrial content marketing for manufacturers, distributors and engineering companies has become the cornerstone of digital marketing for lead generation. Today’s industrial buyers are in self-serve and self-select mode. They remain mainly invisible for a large portion of their buying journey and will engage with Sales only when they are ready. This makes it very difficult for salespeople to get in front of their audience, be it face time or on the phone.

Industrial content marketing must attract the right audience, capture high-quality leads and set the table for Sales to have more productive conversations instead of spending their time in blind prospecting at the top of the funnel.

Use the full potential of content marketing to capture Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), qualify and nurture them into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) before handing them off to Sales to convert them into RFQs and wins.

Manufacturing content marketing by the numbers

Manufacturing content marketing budgets - 2019
Manufacturing content marketing budget - 2020

A Primer on Industrial Content Marketing

A Primer on Industrial Content Marketing from TiecasA real-world overview of industrial content marketing based on our 30+ years of hands-on experience working with manufacturers and engineering companies. Download our free guide with answers to questions we’re often asked.

Industrial Content Marketing Case Study

Industrial content marketing helps manufacturer jumpstart marketing program to generate 73.7% more new sales opportunities for the year and increase deals won by 40.9%.

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