Integrated Industrial Marketing – Combining Digital and Print Media

Going 100% with digital industrial marketing may not be the right answer in every situation

Time-tested print marketing is alive and well for some industrial companies

Even though print or traditional media are not typically used in inbound marketing, they have their place in industrial marketing.

Yes, the use of print media has declined in recent years but it is not dead. Print ads in trade magazines, printed product catalogs, and direct mail are still very effective. The focus of print media has shifted from pure lead generation to driving traffic to a company’s Website and building awareness.

For industrial marketing to have a positive impact on sales, you have to create targeted marketing content and that includes both on and offline. Research studies have shown that…

  • 90% of collateral created by marketing goes unused by the sales force
  • 75% of marketers give themselves a failing grade when it comes to providing useful sales support
  • Sales people spend 40-60 hours a month in searching for the right marketing content and/or creating their own versions

We’ll help you bridge the gap between traditional and digital marketing by implementing an integrated marketing strategy that is effective. Using both on and offline media, we’ll make your industrial marketing program more cohesive and effective for your sales team to be more productive.

Tiecas has the experience and the expertise to manage the entire process — from developing the initial concept to producing final printed materials.

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