Industrial Website Redesign for an International Manufacturer

The situation prior to our engagement and marketing challenges

The CEO/CMO of Adimec Advanced Image Systems bv, an international manufacturer of industrial cameras contacted us to redesign and redevelop their corporate website. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands with offices in Boston, Singapore, Tokyo, and South Korea.

Dr. Joost van Kuijk (CEO/CMO) who has a Ph.D. in Micromechanics and a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, first downloaded one of our white papers. After a few months, he emailed us where he wrote, “It’s been a few months since I requested the Website Redesign Guide from your website. We are a mid-sized B2B camera company that offers industrial cameras worldwide and we are in need of an update of our web presence. I am intrigued by your way of working and what you offer as a service and would like to get into contact with the right person at Tiecas to see if we could do business together. Could we schedule a time to talk about this?”

This is proof of our ability to put us in front of the right audience and generate a fully qualified inbound lead.

Strategic planning before website redesign

Despite the logistic challenges due to the time difference between Europe and Houston, Texas, we worked with the client to set up online meetings at convenient times. These were insightful conversations with Dr. Kujik for understanding his vision of the new website, the positioning statements and the core messaging. Getting these right was very important to him since he wasn’t looking for just a facelift to his current site.

He came to these discussions well-prepared with a wealth of information that he willingly shared with us. This level of involvement by a c-level executive is very unusual and it helped us craft the right messaging for the new site.

Ellis Nugteren, Marketing Coordinator filled out our website redesign questionnaire which helped us understand the current issues (there were many) and their objectives for the site redesign. She provided a rough outline of their proposed site map which we refined to develop the final version.

We also worked with their in-house User Experience expert, Subject Matter Experts and the head of the company’s IT department.

Taking the time up front in planning the site redesign was invaluable in drafting new content and developing the complete site to meet the client’s expectations.

One of the mandates given to us was to build the new site on an open-source CMS, unlike their current proprietary CMS which was outdated and very difficult for the in-house marketing team to maintain.

The decision was made to develop the new site using WordPress and integrate it with HubSpot, the client’s preferred Marketing Automation platform.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Instead of writing thousands of words explaining what we did in this industrial website redesign project, we’ll show you screen captures of before and after.

Home page before

Industrial website redesign

Home page after

Industrial website redesign

Segmenting site visitors by their three core markets was extremely important. We also developed a parametric search application for Vision Engineers at global OEMs to find the right camera using four key parameters. This is a very helpful tool because the client manufactures a broad portfolio of industrial cameras.

As part of the messaging, we needed to shift the discussion to image quality from the basic conversation which is usually limited to megapixels, images per second, and cost. The copy on the Home page added emphasis on the client’s ability to make custom cameras and develop them together with their customers.

The company is very conservative when it comes to stating camera specs but guarantees the camera’s performance 100%. These important talking points were missing from the old site so there is no “before” image to compare.

Industrial website redesign

Products overview page before

Industrial website redesign

Products overview page after

Industrial website redesign

We took this a step further by creating a Camera Portfolio page where every camera was listed in an easy to read table with the four key specifications listed. Cameras were categorized by market segment and every camera model was linked to its respective product details page.

Industrial website redesign

Camera series overview page before

Industrial website redesign

Camera series overview page after

Industrial website redesign

Blog before

Industrial website redesign

Blog after

Industrial website redesign

Landing page, lead generation forms and HubSpot integration

Previously, landing pages were created by various members on the client’s team. There was no consistency in the design and/or the lead capture forms. The old landing pages were external to the main site and did not follow the design of the front-end site.

We created all new landing pages using the same look and feel of the other webpages, built lead capture forms with CAPTCHA and integrated these with HubSpot lists and automated emails. This workflow allows the client to continue using HubSpot lead and pipeline tracking. We also incorporated Google Analytics with event tracking to add another layer of site analytics.

Industrial website redesignTroubleshooting post launch

We discovered a problem with internal inks after the site launched due to a problem with the A records that were set up by the client’s IT department. We did extensive troubleshooting, ran database scripts to clean up broken internal URLs and worked with the hosting company to resolve all issues with minimal downtime.

Measured improvements in site performance

Highlights from Google Analytics after launching the new site:

  • Traffic to the site increased by 50.44%, New Users increased by 41.50% and Bounce Rate decreased by 16.16%
  • Traffic from the U.S. and Acquisitions increased by 55.96 and 56.45% respectively
  • Organic Search traffic increased by 55.27% and Referral Traffic by 12.37%
  • Overall, Unique Pageviews increased by 40.87% and Average Time on Page improved by 4.01%

“Our site is live. Thanks again for making this happen. Great work!”

Dr. Joost van Kuijk, CEO/CMO

“Our first impression is great. Thank you for your hard work. So far, we are very happy with the results.”

Anna Broers, User Experience Expert and Project Lead

“Anna did some user tests this week and the reactions were very positive. Thank you for all the extra work you did for us. We appreciate your support throughout this project.”

Ellis Nugteren, Marketing Coordinator