Manufacturer Uses Online Sales to Add a New Source of Revenue and Grow Sales

The Challenge: Spanwell Service, Inc. is a manufacturer of extra-large S Hooks used for compliance with OSHA Housekeeping requirements and eliminating trip hazards during turnaround service (TAR) in refineries and power plants. They also manufacture a full line of pneumatic tools and accessories used in various industries.

Spanwell relied mainly on word-of-mouth marketing, direct mail, and an old informational site to acquire new customers. It was difficult to scale up these options to grow sales.

Our Solution:

  • Used a Q&A format to get a deeper understanding of the buyers
  • Reviewed Google Analytics and created a baseline report
  • Developed and documented an overarching marketing strategy that emphasized digital marketing but did not completely discard traditional channels
  • Documented a Plan of Action to move forward
  • Redeveloped the old site into a more functional sales tool (NOTE: We have done 3 complete site redesigns in the past 7 years)
  • Did extensive keyword research to increase search engine visibility and improve rankings (SEO/SERP)
  • Rewrote all the copy for the webpages to make them more customer-centric
  • Created new copy for the direct mail campaigns
  • Implemented an e-newsletter and collected new contacts to grow the mailing list
  • Consulted with client to identify industry sources for sending out more targeted postcards to Safety Managers
  • Based on our analysis and recommendations, the Client implemented e-commerce to sell directly 24/7 while cutting down time to generate new sales
  • Provided training for Client to manage the back end of the site on their own
  • Provided monthly performance reports with our expert opinion for the client and us to refine any weaknesses
  • We continue to provide consulting, content creation, website updates and maintenance
Industrial website design - Home page
Industrial e-commerce site

Results Delivered:

  • Online sales grew by 57.52% (YOY)
  • E-commerce conversion rate increased by 41.75%
  • Number of online transactions increased by 40.37%
  • Average order value from the online store increased by  12.21%
  • Online sales from Organic Search Traffic increased by 46.49%
  • The redesigned website generated new accounts from distributors who placed large repeat orders throughout the year

“We are an industrial product manufacturer. Our goal was to increase product awareness, improve our website and increase online sales. Tiecas helped us reach those goals in a timely, professional and enjoyable way. Mr. Mitra is not only a master at addressing the technical issues of website design, but he is also an expert in the art of translating technical product information into easily understandable text for customers. Tiecas provided us with the training to independently operate all aspects of our website as well as step by step instructions for the implementation of our on-going marketing plans. I heartily recommend Tiecas for any aspect of industrial marketing and website design for any industry.” — C. S. Rohrich, President