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B2B Marketing Zone Webinar

B2B Marketing Zone Webinar

I was invited by B2B Marketing Zone to present a free webinar on July 9, 2019 @ 12:30 PM PDT, 3:30 PM EDT. The webinar was moderated by Hannah Flynn, Editor – Aggregage.

Presentation at the Industrial Marketing Summit

Industrial Marketing Summit 2019

Industrial Marketing Summit was organized by CADENAS PARTsolutions as part of Content Marketing World 2019. The title of my presentation was “Unique Challenges of Marketing to Engineers and Industrial Buyers”

A Primer on Industrial Content Marketing

A Primer on Industrial Content Marketing from TiecasA real-world overview of industrial content marketing based on our 30+ years of hands-on experience working with manufacturers and engineering companies. We’ve provided answers to questions we are often asked by clients before starting on their marketing journey. You’ll find statistics and findings from independent research studies to validate our recommendations.

Industrial Marketing Playbook

Industrial Marketing PlaybookHow to attract more engineers and industrial professionals with digital marketing and convert site visitors into high-quality sales leads. This playbook is not about marketing theories, it is based on our accumulated experience and expertise in marketing to your engineering, technical and industrial customers. 15 pages packed with bite-sized, actionable ideas to help you score more wins for both sales and marketing.

Webinar: Digital Marketing Road Map for Manufacturers and Industrial Companies

Webinar: Digital Marketing Road Map for Manufacturers and Industrial CompaniesI co-hosted a webinar with John Hayes of ENGINEERING.COM recently. The webinar was called Success with Digital Marketing – a Road Map for Manufacturers. You can listen to the webinar recording and download the slidedeck. You’ll walk away with key takeaways for creating your own digital marketing road map.

7 Content Marketing Tactics to Sell Industrial Products

7 Content Marketing Tactics to Sell Industrial ProductsContent tactics you can use to move industrial prospects through their sales cycle. Industrial marketers face a challenge when it comes to producing a steady stream of fresh content to keep their target audience engaged. What do you do when the bulk of your marketing content, with the exception of case studies, is product-focused? Here are seven content marketing tactics that you can use to engage your prospects and move them forward in their buying cycle.

Step-by-Step Guide to Web (re)Design

Industrial web redesign guideA systematic approach for turning your website into a lead-generating machine and creating sales opportunities. This guide will walk you through each step involved in creating a road map for a successful industrial website. The steps outlined here are based on proven techniques that have been honed by over 20 years of hands-on experience in developing websites for manufacturers, distributors and engineering companies to drive sales and grow their businesses.

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