Website Redesign

AVP redesigns industrial website to generate more traffic, qualified leads and improve customer engagement

web redesign for AVPSince 1997, AVP has provided solutions for removing harmful water vapor from natural gas and compressed air. As an industrial distributor, they partner with OEMs, System Integrators, End Users, Engineering Consultants and Maintenance Professionals from a variety of industries. They are headquartered in Tomball, a suburb of Houston, Texas and have shipped equipment all over the world.

Problem: Their old site which was part diy and part developed by another company had steadily lost search engine rankings over time. As a result, the client was receiving fewer qualified inquiries and sales had decreased. The content on the old site was very product-centric and the client was completely dependent on their principal manufacturers to provide them with content.

Solution: We reviewed AVP’s Google Analytics over the past 12 months prior to our engagement and identified trends and weaknesses. Based on that, we developed a strategy for a complete website redesign.

Keyword research was done by us and a list of primary, secondary and long tail keywords were identified. To this, industry terminology used by customers was added.

We created new content that was more customer-centric to help visitors make a more informed buy decision and also created valuable content as giveaways for lead generation.

Live Chat was implemented to provide more interaction with site visitors and has proven to be a very effective driver of sales qualified leads and RFQs.

Phase II: We continue to work with this client for their ongoing content marketing and improving both SEO and conversion optimization.

Results (Recent Quarter):

  • Overall Traffic increased by 37.3%
  • Traffic from Google (Organic SEO) grew by 28.77%
  • Users grew by 25.08%
  • Pages/Session increased 14.29%
  • Bounce rates decreased by 4.46% (Engagement improved)
  • 14 page 1, 9 page 2 and 10 page 3 rankings in Google achieved for non-branded keyword phrases
  • A new visitor from the east coast (US) found AVP’s site in Google and initiated a Live Chat session. A six figure RFQ for two new Pipeline Instrument Dryers followed after exchanging a few emails. The Instrument Gas Dryers’ page was one of the pages that we had worked on to improve both SEO and conversion.

“I’ve noticed an increase in visitors to our site in recent days. The app on my iPhone is set to notify me whenever someone lands on our site, and it’s gotten much more frequent lately. You recently made some changes which could have helped the traffic. The visitors are from several US states and around the globe, Russia, China, South America and Canada.”

Charles Eskrigge, Applications/Technical Manager

“The new site really looks good. Just want to say you’ve done a fantastic job.”

Dave Brown, Business Development Manager