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Industrial Content Creation That Drives Results: Technical Content Writing by Proven Experts

Technical content writing done right using the combined power of AI and expert human writers

industrial content creation

Industrial Content Creation by a Marketing Engineer: Technical Expertise Meets Results—Resonate, Convert, Grow

Unlock the power of compelling industrial content to attract qualified leads and fuel your sales pipeline. As a Marketing Engineer, I understand your complex products, target audience, and the industrial buyer’s journey.

My team and I will craft content that resonates, converts, and positions you as an industry authority.

Technical Content Writing Solutions for Manufacturers, Distributors and Engineering Companies

  • Industrial Blog Posts: Insightful, SEO-optimized blog posts that establish thought leadership and build trust.
  • Core Messaging: Differentiate your brand with messaging that clearly articulates your unique value proposition.
  • High-Converting Landing Pages: Laser-focused and persuasive messaging with forms to capture qualified B2B industrial leads.
  • Targeted Lead-Nurturing Emails: Segmented email campaigns with relevant technical content that guide prospects through the long industrial sales cycle.
  • Case Studies: Showcase your success stories to validate claims using a problem-solving format.
  • Whitepapers: Offer in-depth technical insights that position you as a problem-solver for engineers and technical professionals.
  • Repurpose Content: Rewrite existing content with fresh information and better on-page optimization.
  • Optimized Product Descriptions: Persuasive e-commerce copy highlighting technical benefits and driving conversions.
  • News and Press Releases: Craft announcements that garner industry attention (with optional PR distribution).

Why Us for Industrial Content Creation

  • Marketing Engineer Leading the Charge: My technical background ensures compelling content that resonates with your target audience.
  • 35+ Years of Industrial Experience: We understand your industry’s unique challenges and how to create content that speaks to your customers’ pain points.
  • Proven Success with Complex Buying Journeys: We know how to nurture your leads with relevant content through every step of their decision-making process.
  • AI-Enhanced Content Creation: We leverage advanced AI tools and understand “prompt engineering,” ensuring accuracy and blending it with human expertise for a strategic edge over AI-only generic content. (We never deliver 100% AI-generated content to our clients).

Pricing for Technical Writing

Predictable Costs, Maximum Content Value: Want predictable pricing for your content creation? We offer transparent, project-based pricing and flexible monthly retainers. Retainers often provide the best value, ensuring consistent content quality and a strategic approach. Let’s discuss your needs – we’re happy to start with a pilot project to demonstrate our value.

You’ll receive a draft of every piece of content we create. We will make your suggested edits, show you a final draft, and publish it only after you approve.

Note: We publish to WordPress CMS. Otherwise, we provide a Word file or a Google Doc as the final deliverable.

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