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Your Website Should be a Robust and Effective Online Sales Tool

Is your current site creating the right first impression? A manufacturing or industrial website must fit your sales process and be an effective tool for lead generation, not just a point of reference after a call or a meeting. It must be the hub for your digital marketing. Don’t settle for another cosmetic facelift or a “pretty” website.

82% of engineers go directly to supplier/vendor websites when researching a specific product or service. (Source).

industrial website design
The Tiecas Difference

Manufacturing and Industrial Website Design

Just having an online presence is not enough; without a functional and user-friendly website that clearly states your value proposition and demonstrates real differentiation, it will be challenging for you to attract the right visitors and engage with them in meaningful conversations.

Recent Examples of Manufacturing Website Design

Full-featured and All-inclusive

Website Design Deliverables and Prices

What you get: The Deliverables

  • Custom design tailored to industrial needs (not a “reskin”)
  • Develop a website design strategy vetted and approved by you
  • Develop a design framework that is aligned with your sales process
  • Review existing Google Analytics and Marketing Automation dashboards
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and implementation (foundational SEO)
  • Create core messaging and value proposition for differentiation
  • Strategic calls to action, landing pages with forms for lead generation
  • Intuitive navigation, improved User Experience (UX), and mobile-responsive design
  • WordPress for a robust and easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS)
  • Back-end integration capabilities (Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, and Customer Relationship Management)*
  • Install code for performance tracking and analytics
  • Test in various browsers and platforms before launching
  • Ongoing support and maintenance (Keep site updated and secured)

You own the site after launching the new site.

* There maybe additional charges for back-end integration

What it costs:

  • Robust industrial websites designed to drive sales (up to 50 pages) start at $15,000
  • Larger and more complex sites (50+ pages, e-commerce, part number finder, etc.) start at $25,000
  • These prices will scale up depending on features, complexities, and how much content we have to create from scratch
  • Additional charges apply for integration with Salesforce CRM and Marketing Automation (We have hands-on experience with Act-On, HubSpot, and Pardot).
  • Our add-on service for regular site updates and maintenance after the redesigned site launches is required
  • Bi-weekly updates and maintenance includes:
    • Every two weeks, check and update plugins, theme, and WordPress core files
    • Make regular backups
    • Keep the site secured and free of malware
    • Troubleshoot if the site is down (Many times, the problem is on the hosting server, which is beyond our control, but we’ll do our best to fix the problem).
  • Basic maintenance package: $649 per mo.
  • Basic + content updates (Up to 2 pages): $1,299 per mo.

Website Redesign Case Study

Manufacturer Uses Online Sales to Add a New Source of Revenue and Grow Sales

manufacturer website redesign case study
Spanwell Service, Inc. is a manufacturer of extra-large S Hooks used for compliance with OSHA Housekeeping requirements and eliminating trip hazards during turnaround service (TAR) in refineries and power plants. They also manufacture a full line of pneumatic tools and accessories used in various industries.
  • Spanwell relied mainly on word-of-mouth marketing, direct mail, and an old informational site to acquire new customers. It was difficult to scale up these options to grow sales.

  • They needed to update their website with better messaging, content, and images

  • Back-end of the site needed more robust security features to support e-commerce

What Clients Say...

We are an industrial product manufacturer. Our goal was to increase product awareness, improve our website and increase online sales. Tiecas helped us reach those goals in a timely, professional, and enjoyable way. Mr. Mitra is not only a master at addressing the technical issues of website design but he is also an expert in the art of translating technical product information into easily understandable text for customers. Tiecas provided us with the training to independently operate all aspects of our website as well as step-by-step instructions for the implementation of our ongoing marketing plans. I heartily recommend Tiecas for any aspect of industrial marketing and website design for any industry.

C. S. Rohrich, President

Spanwell Service Inc.
The first impression is that the website looks great! You really understand the messaging we wanted to convey and the needs of our customers. The site is much easier to navigate with the new design!

Anne Bigalke, VP of Strategic Development

QualiTru Sampling Systems
Our site is live. Thanks again for making this happen. Great work!

Dr. Joost van Kuijk, CEO/CMO

Adimec Advanced Image Systems bv

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