Industrial Content Marketing

Industrial Content Marketing for Manufacturers

Not just a series of marketing activities but a well-planned strategy executed precisely and results measured

industrial content marketing

Industrial Content Marketing

Content marketing for manufacturers helps with SEO and winning the mindshare of engineers and industrial buyers. Build stronger relationships by providing relevant and technically accurate content that engineers trust. Generate better quality inbound leads and set the table for your sales team to score more wins.

71% of manufacturing marketers said that content marketing has become more important to their organization over the last year.
(Source: The Content Marketing Institute).

Benefits of industrial content marketing:

Industrial content marketing is a powerful strategy that provides various benefits to manufacturers. It has become integral to a successful marketing approach, enabling industrial companies to thrive in a digital age.
Industrial content marketing
Content Marketing Strategy
A well-thought-out content marketing strategy can significantly enhance SEO rankings, driving more qualified traffic to the business website. This leads to higher organic traffic, better online visibility, and increased brand exposure.
Cost Effective
Industrial content marketing offers a cost-effective method for generating better quality leads at a lower cost per lead than traditional marketing options. Businesses can distribute their content far and wide by leveraging digital platforms and distribution channels, targeting specific demographics and niche markets.
Thought Leadership
Establishing thought leadership and positioning yourself as an expert in your field, gain the trust and confidence of your target audience. This helps enhance the brand image, attracts potential customers, and boosts overall credibility.
Lead Generation & Nurturing
Capture prospects’ interest and contact information, nurture them through the sales funnel, and convert them into customers with well-crafted customer-centric content. Become a trustworthy solutions provider.
Relationship Building
Build stronger long-term relationships by consistently engaging with the target audience through blogs, social media, and email newsletters. This ongoing relevant communication keeps the brand top-of-mind, creating trust and loyalty, which leads to customer satisfaction.
Data-driven Decisions
The efficiency of inbound content marketing saves resources. It enables businesses to measure and analyze the effectiveness of their content marketing efforts, making better decisions based on data for continuous improvement.


Industrial content marketing for manufacturers is much more than just content creation. Content by itself won’t help you move the needle. You need a documented content marketing strategy and precise implementation of proven tactics to produce consistent and measurable results. The infographic is a representation of the major deliverables; each category may have additional  subcategories. 

NOTE: Content marketing for manufacturers is a process that takes time (6 to 9 months) to produce sustainable results. It is not a quick fix for slow sales (See FAQs).


Industrial content marketing retainers start at $6,400 per month. The scope of work and deliverables will determine the final cost of your retainer.

It is not a one-size-fits-all package. We will customize it to fit your needs and budget.

Industrial content marketing service is offered on a monthly retainer (Min. 6 months). The retainer agreement is subject to quarterly reviews before renewal for the next quarter.

Industrial Content Marketing Case Study

Content marketing for manufacturers – case study

What our clients say...

The regulator page has been a good success – we now have a customer in WI who has set up a direct load system, and they said our training materials and videos on the website were very helpful. They were very appreciative of the new resources tab for them. The content on our website has come a LONG way.

Mara Herschbach, Marketing Manager, QualiTru Sampling Systems

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