Industrial Marketing Strategy Development for Lead Generation

This industrial marketing consulting package assesses your current marketing program to identify issues and weaknesses that are preventing you from generating more high quality leads that turn into sales opportunities. A documented marketing strategy with a plan of action for implementation is the tangible deliverable. This is a critical step for putting you on the right path for growing sales and revenues. Take the guesswork out of your industrial marketing strategy before you implement any tactics. (Read our article, “Planning Your Industrial Marketing Strategy for 2015”).

“69% of manufacturers and industrial companies are either dissatisfied or stuck in neutral with their company’s online marketing efforts.”
Source: 2014 Trends in Industrial Marketing, IHS GlobalSpec

The problem is often a lack of a marketing strategy or it is only in someone’s head and is not documented. This leads to trying various marketing tactics with no clear roadmap to follow to go from where you are today to where you want your sales to be in the near future.

This is at best, a hit-or-miss proposition and not a well-planned strategy that is designed to create sales opportunities that turn into wins for your sales team.
A documented industrial marketing strategy leads to higher staisfaction

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