Industrial Marketing Consulting from a Proven Expert

Get practical and actionable advice from an industrial marketer with 30+ years of experience

Have questions? Ask the industrial marketing expert

When you have an industrial marketing problem or a question, you want practical advice and answers that you can apply quickly. You want someone with an insider’s knowledge and an outsider’s objectivity who can point you in the right direction immediately. That’s exactly what you’ll get from our expert industrial marketing consulting service.

Ask the industrial marketing expert

Tiecas becomes an extension of your marketing department. We’re there when you need us. We don’t compete with you but augment and amplify your own skill set to become better at marketing to industrial buyers.

This is not pre-recorded one size fits all industrial marketing consulting. You will receive live, one-on-one personalized consulting by our founder, Achinta Mitra. Deliverables and the cost are defined during our FREE 30-minute call.

As consultants, we use our 30 years of proven experience and expertise in industrial marketing to provide you solutions to a specific marketing problem or problems, quickly and efficiently.

According to the 10,000-Hour Rule suggested by Malcolm Gladwell, the author of the wildly successful book “Outliers: The Story of Success,” the key to success in any field has nothing to do with talent. It’s simply practice, 10,000 hours of it—20 hours a week for 10 years.
By that yardstick, Achinta is an expert with over 30 years of practice under his belt as a full-time industrial marketer.

Cost and how it works

  • Works on a monthly retainer starting at $5,800 per month for 30 hours per month with a minimum contract of three months
  • The retainer renews automatically every month unless you cancel
  • We don’t require a long-term or annual contract but do ask for a 30-day notice if you plan to end the retainer after the initial 3 months
  • The initial phase is usually heavy on discovery, strategy and planning, and light on implementation
  • Ongoing consulting after the initial phase could be a mix of guidance and coaching (If you plan on doing the implementation), or we can do 100% of the implementation
  • Retainers are a commitment for both of us, and we focus on delivering value by using our experience and expertise in industrial marketing
  • On average, we provide 30 hours of our time per month for this retainer
  • It is not strictly time bound, and we may spend more time initially but never less than 30 hours in any given month

Let’s Talk

Let’s get started with a free 30-minute consultation to determine fit. This is not a high-pressure sales pitch. It will be a friendly chat for us to get to know each other a little better.