Industrial Lead Generation for Accelerating Pipelines
and Growing Sales

Goals of industrial marketingFor manufacturers, distributors and engineering companies the primary goal of industrial marketing is customer acquisition and/or lead generation. This has not changed over the years that we’ve worked with our industrial clients.

Do you sell to engineers and buyers of industrial products and services? Do you sell through a network of distributors, manufacturer’s reps and other channel partners? If you answered yes and need to generate more high-quality sales leads, we can help.

The key to success is not quantity, but the quality of leads generated by industrial marketing; ones that have a better than average chance of turning into sales opportunities for you.

Evolution of industrial lead generation

The old ways of industrial lead generation have changed. Engineers and technical buyers do most of their research, evaluation and finally selecting a vendor very differently today than in the past. Complicating the process is the fact that the buyers do not usually go on a linear buying journey. There are many stakeholders involved in the buying decision, some of whom may never visit your website and/or meet your sales people. Your industrial lead generation needs to evolve to meet their needs. Otherwise you are going to struggle generating qualified leads that turn into sales opportunities. That is a virtual certainty. Read “Lead Generation for Industrial Companies is a Process not a Campaign.”

Industrial lead generation package

Most of our industrial clients have in-house sales teams but they need help jump starting their industrial lead generation programs because old ways of acquiring new customers are no longer effective. We work within your sales process to make it more efficient in generating more high quality leads that your sales team can convert into wins.

Industrial Sales Funnel

Lead generation deliverables and price

We provide you with an optimized process for industrial lead generation that is sustainable, repeatable and measurable. There are three phases to this program—Discover, Design and Deliver. You get tangible deliverables such as:

  • Kick-off meeting and discussions
  • Internal discovery and assessment
  • Review your current sales process and procedures
  • Define various stakeholders involved in the buying process
  • Map your buyer’s journey, their roles and their information needs
  • Formulate a lead generation strategy
  • Perform a site audit
  • Provide a written report of our plan of action
  • Implement our marketing plan (Additional charges apply)
  • Review and refine list of primary, secondary and long-tail keyword phrases
  • Optimize (SEO) one webpage per month
  • Develop an editorial calendar for blogging
  • Work with your in-house SMEs to draft 1 new blog post per month
  • Promote content on social media networks and industry portals
  • Find editorial opportunities for publishing technical articles in trade publications
  • Track, measure and provide monthly reports
  • Discuss analytics and recommend actions for improvements
  • Conference calls twice a month to keep you informed

This service is provided on a monthly retainer starting at $6,200/month. (Requires annual contract).

NOTE: We understand not everybody is going to need such a comprehensive process to improve their lead generation results. Before you make a decision, we suggest you also take a look at our Industrial Marketing Strategy Development for Lead Generation Package which is a fixed price, fixed term consulting engagement.

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