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Make Industrial Email Marketing Mobile Responsive

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Email marketing continues to be a workhorse for manufacturers and industrial companies. The reason is simple – it produces results! Take a look at my earlier post, “Industrial Email Marketing is NOT Dead.”

Over the years, I’ve seen the content in industrial emails improve considerably. Email content has graduated from purely promotional to more educational. Yes, there is still a sales message but the calls to action now drive readers to more in-depth content on web pages and/or a blog.

A powerful tool in any industrial marketer’s arsenal is today’s Marketing Automation technology because it allows you to add dynamic content quickly and easily. You can slice and dice your email marketing content to tailor it to very specific segments within your mailing lists. This adds a whole new dimension to personalized email marketing that goes beyond just using someone’s first name.

One area where industrial email marketing is coming up short is in making them mobile responsive. Most emails are still created for the desktop and they tend to render poorly on mobile devices.

Here are two stats that drive home the importance of making emails mobile responsive (Source: Litmus):

  1. 47% of email opens happen on mobile devices
  2. 80% of people delete an email if it doesn’t look good on their mobile device

How do engineers and technical buyers use their mobile devices for performing work-related tasks? I found this chart from GlobalSpec’s Digital Media Use in the Industrial Sector that shows the breakdown from their research study.

How do engineers and technical buyers use their mobile devices for performing work-related tasks?

As you can see from the above chart, it is not just emails but entire industrial websites need to be mobile responsive (See my post, “Responsive Web Design Becoming Important to Industrial Companies”).

Are you currently using mobile responsive emails for your industrial marketing? Share your thoughts about why you made the decision and what were some of the challenges you faced.

Achinta Mitra

Achinta Mitra calls himself a “marketing engineer” because he combines his engineering education and an MBA with 35+ years of practical manufacturing and industrial marketing experience. You want an expert with an insider’s knowledge and an outsider’s objectivity who can point you in the right direction immediately. That's Achinta. He is the Founder of Tiecas, Inc., a manufacturing marketing agency in Houston, Texas. Read Achinta's story here.
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